3D Wall Printer &

We have 7 models of wall printers, including UV wall printer, water-based ink wall printer. In the meantime, We have 4 printheads as an optional for wall printer.

3D Horizontal Floor Printer

The 3D UV level ground printer can print beautiful pictures on any floor. Accept custom, global shipping

UV flatbed printer Motherboard

HK-EM UV flatbed printer Motherboard For Epson All series printhead. Up to 8 Epson printheads can be accessed to meet the needs of UV flatbed printers and other printing scenarios.

HK Series Wall Printer

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Dreamhill Technology ,was founded in 2020 and is engaged in international trading of Digital technology ,Printing Technology and innovation technology products

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The certificates that our wall mural wall printer has obtained include: CE certificate, appearance patent certificate, EBO test certificate, ink test certificate and report.

The Wall Printer Solutions For Everywhere.

Business Wall

Wall Prints for your business with your favorite designs and business highlights

Home Wall

Print home walls with your own images and designs or those you purchase

Office Wall

TWP for your office enhances the office environment for customers and employees


We are dedicated to serve you all time

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Why The Wall Printer?

Mobile printing

Fast printing

No shape restrictions

Easy setup

Uses highly pigmented, durable, and eco-friendly UV ink

Prints effortlessly on any vertical surface

From 4 m (~13 ft) high, unlimited width

Runs on 15 patented technologies



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Product Capacity

DHT Tech’s 3D mural wall printer production lines are highly productive and employ skilled workers. At present, we can provide at least 500 automatic wall printing machines to the market every year. Excellent production skills and high-quality professional literacy provide a reliable guarantee for the production of high-quality products.


Custom Service

  • Promise one year warranty for mainframe
  • Comprehensive technical support services
  • Lifelong maintenance and spare parts supply
  • Provision of free installation and operation of technical services

Our wall printing machines will amaze your wall

The Wall Printer – 3D wall printer machines quickly paint wall murals up to 12 ft high, unlimited width on any wall – indoors, outdoors, any surface.

FD Series Floor Printer
DHT - K series CMYK Wall Printer
DHT - S series CMYK Wall Printer
DHT - E series CMYK Wall Printer


We also bring a strong benefits in Verical Printing, with an emphasis on emotional intelligence and
effective stakeholder relationships.

Printing on any surface

Glass, plaster, metal, wallpaper, ceramic tiles, wood and much more - the printer prints on any vertical surface.

No toxic paint

Specially developed paints last up to 10 years, but they are completely odorless and non-toxic. The mural is easy to maintain - just dust off with a damp microfiber.

Stability and durability

The image applied using ultraviolet technology dries instantly and retains the richness and brightness of colors for a long time.

High level of detail

We do not rely on the artist's eye and his preliminary layout - the printer prints a drawing of any complexity with impeccable accuracy.

Cleanliness during printing

We leave only one trace after ourselves - a magnificent illustration. Traces of paint on the floor and debris are not about us. Assembly time before printing - up to 20 minutes.

High print speed & Easy care

Speed ​​is our prerogative. 4 print modes. This allows drawing on the surface at a rate of 2.5 m 2 per hour.
The finished print is not afraid of wet cleaning, it can be wiped and washed

It is not expensive

Some time ago, painting walls in the interior cost a lot of money. Today, thanks to the emergence of new technologies and the use of cheaper and better materials, this type of art is available to any budget.

White printing

This is a unique feature of the Prismaprint Art Machine. Overlapping the dark base of the surface while maintaining the purity of the base shades is possible without additional effort.

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